Very quick pocket home buying experience through brokers

Should I pay a fee to rent a real estate broker? This is the question of many buyers and tenants. So what is the answer?
Many homebuyers do not want to pay a brokerage fee, but with large assets such as real estate, the brokerage is considered by many to be more expensive. It is important that any deal with a broker is most cleared up before trading.

4 tips “hit fast, win fast” when buying a house
Be wary of amateur brokers: One of the risks when buying a house through a broker is encountering a “bad” broker. The number of brokers on the market today is very large, including professional brokers and amateur brokers. Homebuyers should contact professional brokers to ensure the information received is accurate and not fraudulent.

Discuss the most specific criteria: To shorten the time to buy a house, you should make a list of all the criteria of the house such as location, area, direction of the house, width of facade, design style. , interior … and sort by importance then clear communication with realtors.

Do not take the risk to go too far from the original budget: Many realtors will offer suggestions for homes with a price difference of a few hundred million from the price you ask for you to choose from. However, you should not be in a hurry and should only travel within manageable prices. The thought of trying to borrow a little more will add to the burden of payment.

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Viewing an apartment when buying a home through a brokerWith property of great value such as real estate, buying and selling through a broker is said to be more than lost. Illustration

Proactively verifying information: Buyers should not depend too much on brokers but need to verify the information themselves, especially legal information. There have been many cases where the price is higher than the reality due to the broker intentionally pushing up the price to eat the difference.

What to get when buying a house through a broker?
Save time and effort: Instead of giving up your job to find a house, contact yourself, schedule a home view, negotiate prices, do procedures …, contacting a broker will help buyers. saves a lot of time and effort, especially for first time homebuyers.

Easy to find a product like that: Brokers have rich information about the houses that are looking to sell or rent, so the ability to choose the right product according to the criteria given by the buyer will be higher. Brokers can also give some advice on analyzing and comparing between houses as well as balancing the budget to borrow money within safe limits.

Limiting legal risks: Home buyers will not be able to fully understand legal procedures such as real estate brokerage. A professional broker will have the basic knowledge to assist buyers to check the legality of products, support all procedures such as deposit contracts, sales, tax fees …

10 quick test questions “quality” of the broker
The majority of home buyers are often through brokers introduced by relatives or friends to increase their trustworthiness. But not all brokers know the market in every region to assist you. You can have a quick check on the professionalism and reliability of your broker with a few questions like these:

Is this broker referred by your relative?
How long have you been a broker?
Is there a brokerage practice certificate?
Work independently or work for the company?
About how many successful transactions in a month?
What are some recent real estate transactions?
Operate in one or more regions?
Do you have a clear understanding of the regional market?
Is their recent customer contact ready?
Are you easy to contact the broker at all times?