Thanks to the recklessness, I both have land in the countryside and an apartment in Hanoi

Seven years ago, thanks to his wisdom and risk of not selling a 150 square meter land plot in his hometown to buy a house in Hanoi, up to now, Mr. Hoang has just owned a Hanoi apartment, and has kept a piece of land as “savings” in his hometown.
Mr. Nguyen Anh Hoang (from Nam Dinh) told the story of trying not to sell land in his hometown to accumulate money to buy an apartment in Hanoi:

After having their first son in 2014, my husband and I started to plan to stay in Hanoi. We are from the same hometown, our hometown is only 5km apart, but since our second year of university we started to fall in love and get married after graduating from college. After I got married, my parents gave me a 150m2 plot of land next to National Highway 21, but this area does not have many houses, only rice fields. Both husband and wife plan to stay in Hanoi for a few more years, they will completely move back to their hometown, build a house on this land and find a job. When they have grandchildren, the grandparents on both sides will be able to help.

The income of both at that time was about 20 million / month. I’m a construction engineer and my wife works in a travel agency. After graduating from school to work for a few years, everything was on track, it was quite stable, so the couple wondered, forever decided whether to go home or not. Because it is difficult to find jobs in the right industry for the two of them in the countryside around my home area, there are also many Chinese garment companies.

đường đi lớn, hai bên có nhiều cây cối

The road is big, the two sides have many trees
Listening to many people, Mr. Hoang kept the land in his hometown, trying to manage to borrow to buy an apartment in Hanoi. Illustration

Also right from the decision to stay in Hanoi, the couple started to learn to buy a house. That day was only about 2 years working, so I could not spend a lot of money, only about 100 million. While the 3-storey house we looked at in Hoang Mai district was offered by the landlord for 1.7 billion. Asked the opinion of many people, who advised us that if we decided to live in Hanoi, we should sell the land in the countryside and buy a house or apartment in the central area for convenience, then focus on career development. , later I bought my own house in Hanoi later. Another said that a piece of land 1 billion VND in the countryside is worth several times more than the apartment of 1.5 billion VND in Hanoi, especially when my countryside land is expected to be more and more valuable because later This will add more industrial parks in the region.

Although initially thinking of selling land and buying a private house, after listening to the advice of many people and with the amount of only 100 million in hand, the couple risked to buy a 2-bedroom 60-square-meter apartment in Hoang District. Mai costs 1.5 billion.

That day many people advised against selling land and promised to lend a loan, so after asking everywhere, we had to borrow from the bank an additional 800 million. When deciding to borrow, the couple is very worried because they have never borrowed a large debt of nearly a billion dong. But luck and effort, after that, the total income of the couple also increased significantly, the highest month was approximately 40 million VND. Calculated, the monthly debt payment, if you borrow 10 years, is about under 15 million dong. Loans from relatives, we try to pay each time there are bonuses and additional accumulations. Until now, we have nearly paid off all debts. While the land in the countryside is still preserved and now someone has paid the price of one and a half times the day I intend to sell.

No longer is the story of leaving his hometown to the street or embracing land in his hometown to wait for the price increase and then buy a house in Hanoi, the story of Mr. Hoang’s family with reasonable calculation and efforts to accumulate has helped him to have an apartment in Ha. Noi just has a piece of land that is increasing in price in the countryside. “I am not sure that my approach will be successful for everyone because it depends on many factors such as income, the purpose of buying for living or investment, the location of the land or the apartment I intend to buy … But to me, the advice of everyone around and those who have had experience is very valuable. The most important thing is his ability to repay debt and his will to try ”, Mr. Hoang shared.