Experience of buying a safe and legal hand paper house

Currently, many homeowners agree to buy real estate with handwritten papers even though they know for sure the risks that may be encountered. Therefore, in order to help investors own the desired real estate, but still ensure safety and compliance with regulations, Batdongsan.com.vn will share some useful information and experiences of buying a paper house. in the article below.
1. What is buying a paper house, should I buy a paper house?
Buying a real estate by hand is understood as a simple form of buying and selling by party A – the seller and the buyer – the buyer exchange and sign with each other. Especially no intervention from competent authorities. Therefore, this contract is only on the name of sale and purchase agreement, not legal.Buổi ký kết mua nhà giấy tờ viết tay

Many people wonder whether to buy a paper house or not

Buying a house with paper by hand is safe or not mainly based on trust between two parties. Although there have been many cases of fraud, but this is still a popular type of buying and selling real estate today. Because only of the money to buy a real estate with a red book, you will have a real estate.

As noted, many frauds have taken place, but buyers still accept to buy real estate and real estate. So should we buy a paper house or not?

You can buy a paper house, because in fact, buying and selling in this way will also bring some benefits if it is safe. However, for things to go smoothly, you need to have enough practical experience to ensure the safety of your money.

So what should you pay attention to when buying a paper house?

2. Make sure the experience of buying a safe hand-paper house
With the pitfalls of the real estate market, investors need experience to be able to buy home paper safely.

First of all, you need to observe carefully from the entrance to the house to the house you intend to buy to see if that land is exactly residential land or not? Is the entrance to the house owned directly to the house I will buy or not?

Make sure that this piece of land, path is not owned by someone else’s house, or is part of the planning project. Because if it’s not your land, but the encroachment, you don’t have any rights to that area. When the landlord actually builds, your house will naturally have no entrance.

An indispensable part to be able to buy a house safely by hand is to verify the land and the part of the house. Whether that house has announced the house number or not, … Experience buying a house of hand papers is that you should ask the seller to give out the certification papers and related information. Otherwise, get information from the cadastral department of the commune / ward People’s Committee – where you choose to buy a real estate.

bắt tay khi ký hợp đồng

Just signing a contract is not enough to ensure the safety of buying a paper house

Do not give the seller too easily trust, ask to check their identification. In case the seller is married (including husband and wife), the handover and signing of the contract must be agreed by both persons.

A handwritten real estate sale and purchase contract between the two parties should be detailed and specific, including a record of money delivery and receipt and document delivery and receipt. Make sure the seller has received enough money, and agrees to hand over the property to the buyer. When the two parties have come to the decision to sign the contract, there should be two witnesses. For greater certainty, the buyer can ask the seller to point to the contract with his right index finger.

After the transaction is successful, the buyer should keep all original real estate papers (if any). Also keep a copy of the seller’s identification so that it can be easily contacted when needed.

Another experience of buying a paper house that investors need to pay attention is that it is advisable to establish vi by transfer transactions or buying and selling when there is no red book. However, if you are still in doubt, it is best to find a lawyer or someone with experience in buying handwritten papers for advice and help.

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3. What is the procedure of buying and selling hand-paper land?
From the time when the two parties confirm the signing of the signed contract, the land use transfer contract (notarized) shall take effect. So what is the procedure for buying and selling hand paper land?

The deposit contract is signed between the two parties.
Real estate sale and purchase form (notarized).
Certificate of land use right (notarized).
In the form of paper house sale and purchase of real estate (available) usually has the following basic contents:

Provisions on transferable land use rights.
Content related to transfer prices and payment methods.
Content of land handover, and land use registration.
If there is a contract dispute – give a specific form of resolution.
Party A’s commitment – to sell, and party B – to buy is included in the contract.
Some other terms.

ký giấy tờ hợp đồng mua bán nhà

You need to equip the experience of buying a paper house to ensure your own interests

The above is the answer to the question of many “what do you need to buy a home paper house”. In fact, buying a paper house is just a contract signed between both buyers and sellers, so the paperwork is not too picky. However, if the person is experienced in buying a paper house, they will request more documents from the seller to be sure that the transaction is safe.

4. Questions around buying a paper house
After answering the question of what is buying a paper house, and sharing some experiences of buying a paper house safely with you, Batdongsan.com.vn will continue to answer some questions around buying a paper house. hands below.

Is it legal to buy and sell land with handwritten paper?
It is not legal to buy and sell land by handwritten paper without the intervention of competent authorities. However, in case, if there is a land use right transfer contract with endorsement from the People’s Committees of all levels, the contract is legally valid and legal.

Buying a hand notarized house?
Many people often wonder “can I buy a house with hand notarization?” Because buying and selling real estate with handwritten paper in fact does not have any legal value. To answer this question, we need to document the Law of Notarization – article 35: “The notary office will only accept and certify the real estate sale and purchase contract in case the real estate has been granted a certificate. about ownership. ”

Mua nhà giấy tay có thể sinh lời hoặc mất trắng

Buying a paper home has a fine line between gain and loss

Buy a real house with hand paper got a pink book?
The real estate and real estate will be issued with a pink book if the land ownership belongs to the buyer and is notarized. In the opposite case, when the land use right has not been transferred, the buyer cannot intervene in any action related to the real estate issue, including the construction of real estate, hand paper, or apply for the pink book. .

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Buying a house with hand paper is overturned what to do?
As analyzed above, buying real estate by hand is potentially risky. One of the biggest risks, causing investors to lose nothing is the seller’s “flipping”.

In case when transferring land by handwritten paper, signed by both parties but not notarized, the transfer will be invalid. This means that the part of the property that has been bought, is still in the hands of the seller because there is no endorsement from the authority, it cannot be proved that the land has been transferred.

At this point, the seller starts to turn around, the new buyer realizes he has been deceived. This issue is difficult to regain the interests of the buyer, even with the intervention of lawyers.

Want to get money back or use the land, at this time, just rely on the “heart” of the seller. Therefore, right from the beginning of buying real estate, buyers need to be experienced and knowledgeable about legal issues.

mua nhà đầu tư sinh lời

Buying a paper house is potentially risky, sometimes losing it

In fact, there have been a lot of disputes related to buying and selling real estate on handwritten paper. Therefore, the lesson for those who do not have experience of buying a paper house is to be alert and learn carefully before making a decision.

Ideally, if you do not have experience in buying a paper house, the buyer should ask a lawyer or people with extensive knowledge for specific advice and guidance. They will make sure your buying and selling process is safe, you can own a low-cost home without litigation. At the same time, the consultant also helps you answer many questions and share more experiences of buying a flat house, …

The experience of buying a paper house and some important information about the procedures and related regulations when dealing with real estate in handwritten papers has just shared useful hopes with you. Wish you have satisfactory trading and safe investment!