Real Estate: A measure of one’s lifetime achievement?

The more rich people gather land, buy houses, the more they prove their wealth; The poor are also trying to borrow to have their own house… Real estate seems to be a destination, a measure of a lifetime’s achievement.
Everyone wants to own a house of their own, decorate it by themselves to build a true home. Having a dream to have the motivation to try, but this dream accidentally has become a burden for many people. Having a house or staying in a house, buying a house or apartment seems to have become a measure that many people use to evaluate the achievements, proficiency and wealth of others.

The whole family of 3 generations lives in a house built from ancient times. At night, his whole life will be hard to get better, not to mention his life, so Tung chose to go to Japan for 3 years of labor export. He ran out of capital and asked to borrow all of his relatives, friends, and Mr. Tung and his wife also managed to turn 200 million as the cost for him to go when he got the order. The couple decided to go to earn a sum of money to build a new house, get capital to do business and make a small amount of savings to prevent later getting sick and sick.

bên ngoài ngôi nhà 2 tầng chưa sơn màu

The capital Mr. Tung earned from labor export spends a large part in his big house in his hometown, but he does not live all. Artwork: Internet

His wife stays at home as a garment worker. During the crop season, he hires a transplanter to harvest 5 sao of rice. After going to Japan to work for 1 and a half years, his parents and wife stayed home and talked about building a house so that when he came back he would have a new decent house. Initially, Tung decided that when he returned to his country, he would choose money to build a house that was just enough, not too big but still cozy. However, in the countryside, the size of the house is still a matter for people looking at and discussing. “People say that I could not build a big house for a few years abroad, my life will live. In the future, my children and grandchildren will gather, but will not go away,” said Tung. Working in thoughtful work with his parents that he does not need a house that is too big or too unsuccessful, Tung agreed to build a 3-story, 1-tum house and told himself to work harder. “Everyone at home does not know how hard to work there, how tired the hours, activities, weather all change. They just think that going to work abroad, sometimes earning a billion dong, building a house is a chore, ”said Mr. Tung.

By the day he returned home, the old tiled old house was no longer there, replaced by a 3-storey house with a floor surface of more than 70 square meters, the interior and exterior walls were still rough with cement coating. Inside the large house are still objects and furniture that are still in use since the olden days, only the television is new. Not all tired of visiting, giving gifts to relatives, villages, paying off debts, he and his wife had to start cleaning and completing the house. Subtracting the amount of money that Tung sent home from the day in Japan, the amount of money he brought back to his home country, if completed and furnished, would not be too abundant to both get capital for business and as a provision. Because the actual cost of building the team is 1.5 times higher than expected. The house is anchored, so cleaning the unused rooms is also tiring enough. “The pride of having a big house will quickly pass but the suffering will hang on. My whole life tightened my belts, spent money to build a house and lived hard to pay off the debt, had to be tired of cleaning all day, in the end, it was just outside the cold field, ”said Mr. Tung.

Also trying to build a big house but do not have the money to export labor to undercut, and her husband Hanh (Hung Yen) only borrowed 800 million to build a house with a total of 1.5 billion VND. There was a spacious house at the 3-way intersection of the village, poppy selling miscellaneous items, stationery to have copper in the field. On the first day, Hanh Tinh and her husband tried to build a house so that they could have a stable place to do business, but the expenses increased, they struggled to pay off their debts, they did not have much capital to import goods for sale. Since the construction of the house is completed, selling profit is not worth it, the brothers and sisters are more and more tired of having enough money to pay monthly. “If building a house just right, perhaps life would be different. There was a big house at the 3-way intersection, outsiders also said that my house was rich, so it was successful, but in fact, not everyone understands behind it ”, shared Ms. Hanh.

nhiều công trình, nhà ở xen lẫn cây cối, hồ nước nhìn từ trên cao

Many buildings, houses are mixed with trees, lakes, and water from above
Real estate is considered by many to be a measure of the achievement of a lifetime. Illustration

Not only the “poor”, the real estate as a measure of achievement is more evident in the giants. When it comes to the giants or famous people like Pham Nhat Vuong, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao … to measure the wealth, people often list the huge real estate they own … Not only a lot of money, many houses but also big and beautiful ones …

“Vietnam has many people becoming giants by owning golden lands, diamond lands. They are rich at super speed thanks to the land ”, Professor Dang Hung Vo, former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, once frankly shared.

Talking about the story of buying houses of Vietnamese people, Mr. Tran Khanh Quang, General Director of Viet An Hoa Company, said: “At the age of 30, Vietnamese people begin to work hard to buy their first house. At the age of 35 or older, they own more, usually holding 2 real estate At the threshold of 40, the rich and emerging people like to own 3 or more properties, turning 50 when the free cash flow is large, taste owning 4-5 different types of real estate is quite common.

Also according to this expert, at different ages, the types of assets Vietnamese people hold are not the same. The diversity of this asset list is proportional to the seniority and the magnitude of the cash flows. For example, 30-year-olds buy houses mainly for living, 40-year-olds tend to real estate that generates cash flow, 50-year-olds want to own a land fund, even multi-functional real estate than young people.…

Thanks to the recklessness, I both have land in the countryside and an apartment in Hanoi

Seven years ago, thanks to his wisdom and risk of not selling a 150 square meter land plot in his hometown to buy a house in Hanoi, up to now, Mr. Hoang has just owned a Hanoi apartment, and has kept a piece of land as “savings” in his hometown.
Mr. Nguyen Anh Hoang (from Nam Dinh) told the story of trying not to sell land in his hometown to accumulate money to buy an apartment in Hanoi:

After having their first son in 2014, my husband and I started to plan to stay in Hanoi. We are from the same hometown, our hometown is only 5km apart, but since our second year of university we started to fall in love and get married after graduating from college. After I got married, my parents gave me a 150m2 plot of land next to National Highway 21, but this area does not have many houses, only rice fields. Both husband and wife plan to stay in Hanoi for a few more years, they will completely move back to their hometown, build a house on this land and find a job. When they have grandchildren, the grandparents on both sides will be able to help.

The income of both at that time was about 20 million / month. I’m a construction engineer and my wife works in a travel agency. After graduating from school to work for a few years, everything was on track, it was quite stable, so the couple wondered, forever decided whether to go home or not. Because it is difficult to find jobs in the right industry for the two of them in the countryside around my home area, there are also many Chinese garment companies.

đường đi lớn, hai bên có nhiều cây cối

The road is big, the two sides have many trees
Listening to many people, Mr. Hoang kept the land in his hometown, trying to manage to borrow to buy an apartment in Hanoi. Illustration

Also right from the decision to stay in Hanoi, the couple started to learn to buy a house. That day was only about 2 years working, so I could not spend a lot of money, only about 100 million. While the 3-storey house we looked at in Hoang Mai district was offered by the landlord for 1.7 billion. Asked the opinion of many people, who advised us that if we decided to live in Hanoi, we should sell the land in the countryside and buy a house or apartment in the central area for convenience, then focus on career development. , later I bought my own house in Hanoi later. Another said that a piece of land 1 billion VND in the countryside is worth several times more than the apartment of 1.5 billion VND in Hanoi, especially when my countryside land is expected to be more and more valuable because later This will add more industrial parks in the region.

Although initially thinking of selling land and buying a private house, after listening to the advice of many people and with the amount of only 100 million in hand, the couple risked to buy a 2-bedroom 60-square-meter apartment in Hoang District. Mai costs 1.5 billion.

That day many people advised against selling land and promised to lend a loan, so after asking everywhere, we had to borrow from the bank an additional 800 million. When deciding to borrow, the couple is very worried because they have never borrowed a large debt of nearly a billion dong. But luck and effort, after that, the total income of the couple also increased significantly, the highest month was approximately 40 million VND. Calculated, the monthly debt payment, if you borrow 10 years, is about under 15 million dong. Loans from relatives, we try to pay each time there are bonuses and additional accumulations. Until now, we have nearly paid off all debts. While the land in the countryside is still preserved and now someone has paid the price of one and a half times the day I intend to sell.

No longer is the story of leaving his hometown to the street or embracing land in his hometown to wait for the price increase and then buy a house in Hanoi, the story of Mr. Hoang’s family with reasonable calculation and efforts to accumulate has helped him to have an apartment in Ha. Noi just has a piece of land that is increasing in price in the countryside. “I am not sure that my approach will be successful for everyone because it depends on many factors such as income, the purpose of buying for living or investment, the location of the land or the apartment I intend to buy … But to me, the advice of everyone around and those who have had experience is very valuable. The most important thing is his ability to repay debt and his will to try ”, Mr. Hoang shared.…

Home sale to pay debt because of wrong calculation of financial plan

Bank interest rates fell sharply, real estate prices in some areas increased rapidly, urging many people to use financial leverage to invest in real estate. However, buyers need to consider this plan because many investors are under pressure of bank debt, even suffering from selling losses due to the decline in cash flow due to epidemic diseases.
With an income of “squeezing pictures” from a crowded noodle shop on Hanoi’s old town, in early 2019, the Vietnamese couple decided to invest a 1.7 billion dong land in the outskirts. With a capital of more than 1 billion dong, realizing that the bank interest rates in the past few years are quite stable, they boldly borrowed from the bank of 600 million. Mr. Viet calculates that it takes only 3-4 years for him to pay off the debt. Each month, he pays the bank VND 12-15 million quite gently, and has a beautiful land that can increase the price very well later. However, he did not expect Covid-19 to strike. During the past few months, the shop was closed, and he and his wife were extremely pressured to pay the rent of the premises and pay the bank debt of 40 million each month. “I try to stick around because the shop has become famous, if I leave later, it is difficult to find a better place, but before now the main income of the family depends on the restaurant, so we struggle to repay the debt.”

By the second half of 2020, although the epidemic was well controlled, Mr. Viet’s noodle shop has been back online, but revenue has not recovered due to the absence of tourists, and people have also tightened their spending. The accumulated amount has been exhausted, while the shop’s revenue is not enough to cover rent and bank interest, so in October 2020, Mr. Viet decided to sell the land to pay debt. Although the land is beautiful and the legal is good, it took nearly 2 months before he could sell it at the same price as when he bought it. “I have a heavy loss because I have to pay bank interest for nearly a year but the accumulated money will not increase, if I raise the land price higher to compensate for the loss, it will be difficult to sell out quickly.”

Nhà đầu tư bất động sản đi xem đất

Real estate investors go to see the land
The real estate market is no longer suitable for investors who use financial leverage to “surf”. Illustration

Thinking that the epidemic in Vietnam was well controlled, the salary income was quite stable, before the news that Thu Duc went to the city of Mr. Tan decided to borrow another 400 million bank to invest in an apartment with an apartment. calculation will surf quickly after a few months. However, things were not as easy as he thought when he reached the end of the year, his apartment still could not be sold because of the high price. Meanwhile, after a period of staying, the electronics and refrigeration company where he worked began to cut staff salaries, narrowing the market due to declining revenue. The couple’s Tet bonuses are also expected to disappear, calculating a deficit of hundreds of million over the previous years. Very hard, Mr. Tan and his wife sold the apartment at the buying price to be able to transfer quickly, because if he was worried that he would not be able to compensate for bank loans, he could not rotate the payment according to progress. when life struggles because the main income falls.

The story of real estate investment when the bank interest rate dropped to the lowest of 15 years became “hot” in the context of gold prices fluctuating continuously and many profit-taking investors began to withdraw from the stock market. Meanwhile, real estate prices have not changed, even increased sharply in places with major infrastructure changes such as Thu Duc (Ho Chi Minh City), Thuy Nguyen (Hai Phong) … Many people. impatient when the accumulated money is not enough, but want to quickly enjoy the fruits from buying and selling real estate, it is considering a bank loan plan.

However, investor Do Viet Dung, who used to come up from a brokerage career and “hit the land” several times, built a property in Hanoi, said that this is a sensitive time, investors absolutely do not. should play “all hands”. The use of financial leverage will be ineffective when the economy is in trouble because in addition to the main income can be reduced, the resale of assets is not easy because people are squeezing consumption and being more cautious. in transactions. When the economy and market sentiment are good, closing real estate transactions can take place quickly in 1-2 months, even weekly, but for now, the closing time will be longer than 2- 3 times. If the revenue source is not stable, the accumulated money is not much, should not use financial leverage at this time even though the interest rate is low, especially if you have to borrow more than 50% of the asset value. If the income is stable, has a reserve fund and only has to borrow from a bank less than 30% of the asset value, investors should consider choosing properties that can immediately generate cash flow, such as completed apartments. houses, townhouses, warehouses for rent …

At the Vietnam Real Estate Conference (VRES) 2020 organized by, real estate experts also believe that the real estate market is in a good stage to buy in but only suitable for customers. goods, investors are rich, financially proactive. The epidemic has not been completely controlled, not to mention the “macro” period can last 1-2 years so there are still risks in cash flow, investors using financial leverage must be very cautious.…

Winning the land in the suburbs, nearly half a billion a year

Spending 1.2 billion dong to buy a land in Dong Hung Thuan ward, District 12 (Ho Chi Minh City), after nearly a year, Mr. Huu Thang sold it for 1.75 billion dong, minus all his expenses 450 million. copper.
Below is the sharing of Mr. Huu Thang with about his suburban land investment story:

I come from Hanoi, I moved to Vung Tau to work, then got married and gave birth to 2 boys. Both husband and wife have stable jobs, I work in the army, my wife works as an accountant for an import-export company, the total monthly income of the whole family is about 40 million VND. My wife and I have bought an apartment with an area of ​​80m2, just enough for 2 couple and 2 children to live comfortably.

After paying off the mortgage, at the beginning of 2018, we saved about 1.1 billion dong. This money, my wife and I deposit money in the bank to get interest every month. But the interest is not worth it, it’s almost like the money is immobilized. Therefore, my wife and I discussed how to withdraw money to invest in order to expect “money to make money” quickly. But investing in something that is both safe and profitable is a difficult problem.

My parents advised me to buy gold for safekeeping, without worrying about devaluation, but my wife and I did not want to do so. Investing in stocks is too risky, because we are not knowledgeable about this area either.

Hình ảnh một khu đất trống nằm sát 1 con đường nhựa rộng rãi

An image of an empty land adjacent to a spacious asphalt road
The location of the land you choose to buy is one of the extremely important factors when investing in suburban land. Internet photo

Wondering where to invest, the banker told him that the land in Dong Hung Thuan ward, District 12 (Ho Chi Minh City), the owner needed money urgently, so he wanted to sell it for 1.2 billion dong. At that time, the land market in the suburbs of Saigon was also heating up, so I discussed with my wife to go to see the land first, if you like, invest because the land is now increasingly scarce, then resale will definitely increase . Seeing reasonable, my wife agreed immediately.

A few days later, the couple took a car to Saigon to see the land. This land has an area of ​​50m2, has a red book, is located near An Suong market, spacious paved road, infrastructure, electricity, full tap water. After considering the legal factors, the location, and the amenities around, I decided to make a deposit to buy. After about 3 weeks of raising an additional VND 100 million borrowed from relatives (without interest) and conducting purchase and sale procedures, we have stood on the first big investment in life with a feeling of excitement and worry. to settle.

During a year, my husband and I regularly listen to and update information on the land market in Ho Chi Minh City. After the time of purchase, there are times when the land price in the area we invest is almost immovable or increases a little bit, but fortunately, by the end of 2018, the price is continuously increasing. By February 2019, through the recommendation of an acquaintance, I sold the above land to a Vietnamese couple for 35 million / m2, equivalent to 1.75 billion VND. So after about 1 year, excluding all expenses and loans from relatives, I have earned 450 million interest.

After hearing my story, many people said that my husband and I were too lucky to have such strong profits because in fact many people lost money or even defaulted when they poured money into the land around Saigon. It is true that my husband and I are a bit lucky, but that only accounts for 5%, the rest depends on other factors.

Firstly, before deciding to invest, I also asked acquaintances to check the planning information and legality of the land at the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and then get the money, not “blindly”. Meanwhile, on the market, there are many customers who are not interested in this information and just go to buy land. When it is discovered that the project is not real or caught in the planned land, the money has gone into the seller’s pocket.

Second, the location of the plot to buy is also extremely important. Although I buy investment, I always assume that if I cannot sell, what can that land do? Is it possible to build a house to live? Is it possible to build a rental hostel? Is there any business to sell or not? Around the land are schools, markets, hospitals, how do residents live? … All these factors are the conditions that determine whether the land is able to increase or not.

Third, investing with safe capital. Because I do not have much investment experience, I am not in a hurry to use financial “leverage” to borrow money from banks, but only choose products that are suitable for my pocket and give priority to the idle cash flow.

In short, a little luck, a bit of caution, a little thought and a bit of assertiveness have helped me succeed in this investment.…

Identify 3 times of price increase of a real estate project

After a marketing campaign, real estate prices are usually 20-30% higher than the original base price. Residential buyers and investors should take note of the three common price increases of a real estate project.
General Director of Viet An Hoa Real Estate Company, Tran Khanh Quang, said that in the past half decade, real estate price increases have been erratic due to many fevers. When being pumped with high expectations, the price fever will occur. Therefore, when buying real estate, buyers need to understand at what stage the price lies at the property they buy.

As noted by, the project’s real estate price increases or decreases depending on many influencing factors, but there will be a number of common price increases as follows:

1. Open periods after the first installment
If in the “launching stage”, when the investor launches a small amount of goods to explore the market with the lowest selling price, when the next subdivision is opened for sale, the selling price will increase slightly by about 5- ten%. During this period, the selling price in the first zone usually increased by 1-2%.

This is the stage when buyers determine whether the project is on schedule as committed or not.

many tall buildings in the city

nhiều toà nhà cao tầng trong thành phố
The selling price of real estate at the time before handover is usually 10-15% higher than the previous period

2. Before handing over
When the project is about to be handed over, transactions are now very active, prices usually increase 10-15% compared to the previous period. Because the investor enhances the branding, some free services … to enhance the after-sales stage. Buyers can buy in the old zone for a better price.

At this point, the project has been basically completed, has utilities, buyers can clearly visualize their whereabouts, so it will be easier to find out. This is the time when buyers can evaluate the reputation of the investor as well as the quality of the items committed by the investor.

3. Infrastructure completion and handing over stage
Internal and external infrastructure information can cause real estate prices to spike. In particular, in recent years, more and more projects “owe” the red book of residents, the investor’s handover of the book is considered an expensive plus, creating confidence in the legality of the buyer.

This is also the reason why many investors choose to sell goods in the past or invest in leasing because of a large customer base.…

Experience of buying a safe and legal hand paper house

Currently, many homeowners agree to buy real estate with handwritten papers even though they know for sure the risks that may be encountered. Therefore, in order to help investors own the desired real estate, but still ensure safety and compliance with regulations, will share some useful information and experiences of buying a paper house. in the article below.
1. What is buying a paper house, should I buy a paper house?
Buying a real estate by hand is understood as a simple form of buying and selling by party A – the seller and the buyer – the buyer exchange and sign with each other. Especially no intervention from competent authorities. Therefore, this contract is only on the name of sale and purchase agreement, not legal.Buổi ký kết mua nhà giấy tờ viết tay

Many people wonder whether to buy a paper house or not

Buying a house with paper by hand is safe or not mainly based on trust between two parties. Although there have been many cases of fraud, but this is still a popular type of buying and selling real estate today. Because only of the money to buy a real estate with a red book, you will have a real estate.

As noted, many frauds have taken place, but buyers still accept to buy real estate and real estate. So should we buy a paper house or not?

You can buy a paper house, because in fact, buying and selling in this way will also bring some benefits if it is safe. However, for things to go smoothly, you need to have enough practical experience to ensure the safety of your money.

So what should you pay attention to when buying a paper house?

2. Make sure the experience of buying a safe hand-paper house
With the pitfalls of the real estate market, investors need experience to be able to buy home paper safely.

First of all, you need to observe carefully from the entrance to the house to the house you intend to buy to see if that land is exactly residential land or not? Is the entrance to the house owned directly to the house I will buy or not?

Make sure that this piece of land, path is not owned by someone else’s house, or is part of the planning project. Because if it’s not your land, but the encroachment, you don’t have any rights to that area. When the landlord actually builds, your house will naturally have no entrance.

An indispensable part to be able to buy a house safely by hand is to verify the land and the part of the house. Whether that house has announced the house number or not, … Experience buying a house of hand papers is that you should ask the seller to give out the certification papers and related information. Otherwise, get information from the cadastral department of the commune / ward People’s Committee – where you choose to buy a real estate.

bắt tay khi ký hợp đồng

Just signing a contract is not enough to ensure the safety of buying a paper house

Do not give the seller too easily trust, ask to check their identification. In case the seller is married (including husband and wife), the handover and signing of the contract must be agreed by both persons.

A handwritten real estate sale and purchase contract between the two parties should be detailed and specific, including a record of money delivery and receipt and document delivery and receipt. Make sure the seller has received enough money, and agrees to hand over the property to the buyer. When the two parties have come to the decision to sign the contract, there should be two witnesses. For greater certainty, the buyer can ask the seller to point to the contract with his right index finger.

After the transaction is successful, the buyer should keep all original real estate papers (if any). Also keep a copy of the seller’s identification so that it can be easily contacted when needed.

Another experience of buying a paper house that investors need to pay attention is that it is advisable to establish vi by transfer transactions or buying and selling when there is no red book. However, if you are still in doubt, it is best to find a lawyer or someone with experience in buying handwritten papers for advice and help.

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3. What is the procedure of buying and selling hand-paper land?
From the time when the two parties confirm the signing of the signed contract, the land use transfer contract (notarized) shall take effect. So what is the procedure for buying and selling hand paper land?

The deposit contract is signed between the two parties.
Real estate sale and purchase form (notarized).
Certificate of land use right (notarized).
In the form of paper house sale and purchase of real estate (available) usually has the following basic contents:

Provisions on transferable land use rights.
Content related to transfer prices and payment methods.
Content of land handover, and land use registration.
If there is a contract dispute – give a specific form of resolution.
Party A’s commitment – to sell, and party B – to buy is included in the contract.
Some other terms.

ký giấy tờ hợp đồng mua bán nhà

You need to equip the experience of buying a paper house to ensure your own interests

The above is the answer to the question of many “what do you need to buy a home paper house”. In fact, buying a paper house is just a contract signed between both buyers and sellers, so the paperwork is not too picky. However, if the person is experienced in buying a paper house, they will request more documents from the seller to be sure that the transaction is safe.

4. Questions around buying a paper house
After answering the question of what is buying a paper house, and sharing some experiences of buying a paper house safely with you, will continue to answer some questions around buying a paper house. hands below.

Is it legal to buy and sell land with handwritten paper?
It is not legal to buy and sell land by handwritten paper without the intervention of competent authorities. However, in case, if there is a land use right transfer contract with endorsement from the People’s Committees of all levels, the contract is legally valid and legal.

Buying a hand notarized house?
Many people often wonder “can I buy a house with hand notarization?” Because buying and selling real estate with handwritten paper in fact does not have any legal value. To answer this question, we need to document the Law of Notarization – article 35: “The notary office will only accept and certify the real estate sale and purchase contract in case the real estate has been granted a certificate. about ownership. ”

Mua nhà giấy tay có thể sinh lời hoặc mất trắng

Buying a paper home has a fine line between gain and loss

Buy a real house with hand paper got a pink book?
The real estate and real estate will be issued with a pink book if the land ownership belongs to the buyer and is notarized. In the opposite case, when the land use right has not been transferred, the buyer cannot intervene in any action related to the real estate issue, including the construction of real estate, hand paper, or apply for the pink book. .

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Buying a house with hand paper is overturned what to do?
As analyzed above, buying real estate by hand is potentially risky. One of the biggest risks, causing investors to lose nothing is the seller’s “flipping”.

In case when transferring land by handwritten paper, signed by both parties but not notarized, the transfer will be invalid. This means that the part of the property that has been bought, is still in the hands of the seller because there is no endorsement from the authority, it cannot be proved that the land has been transferred.

At this point, the seller starts to turn around, the new buyer realizes he has been deceived. This issue is difficult to regain the interests of the buyer, even with the intervention of lawyers.

Want to get money back or use the land, at this time, just rely on the “heart” of the seller. Therefore, right from the beginning of buying real estate, buyers need to be experienced and knowledgeable about legal issues.

mua nhà đầu tư sinh lời

Buying a paper house is potentially risky, sometimes losing it

In fact, there have been a lot of disputes related to buying and selling real estate on handwritten paper. Therefore, the lesson for those who do not have experience of buying a paper house is to be alert and learn carefully before making a decision.

Ideally, if you do not have experience in buying a paper house, the buyer should ask a lawyer or people with extensive knowledge for specific advice and guidance. They will make sure your buying and selling process is safe, you can own a low-cost home without litigation. At the same time, the consultant also helps you answer many questions and share more experiences of buying a flat house, …

The experience of buying a paper house and some important information about the procedures and related regulations when dealing with real estate in handwritten papers has just shared useful hopes with you. Wish you have satisfactory trading and safe investment!

I bought a house because of the risky mindset, unlike the majority

Little money but not afraid of being a debtor, plus a little blood and risk and a different move so I was able to buy a house. If I keep calculating it safe, I probably still hook my wallet to pay the monthly rent.
Both a debtor and an investment plan
Sharing about his Saigon home buying story, Mr. Duong said, it does not matter how much you borrow from the bank in the total value of the house, but the income level, calculating the debt repayment plan after the loan.

Mr. Duong recounted that, after getting married in early 2017, the couple stayed in a rented house in Ho Chi Minh City for 5 million / month. By the end of the year, all of their savings, Tet bonuses, wedding ceremony money and gold rings are in their hands, and they have 600 million dong in their hands. Without using all this money, he calculated to keep 100 million VND to find ways to make a profitable investment, then borrowed 800 million VND from the bank to buy an apartment for 1.3 billion VND. The preferential loan interest rate for the first year is 7.5%, the second year is floating according to the mobilizing interest rate plus a fluctuation band of 3.5%. The couple’s total monthly income is not high, only about 35 million, so after getting a loan, he is always in pain with the question “How can, in a few months, 100 million dong will bring me 500 million dong?” . In 2018, seeing land in many areas around Ho Chi Minh City increased in price, Duong decided to risk a deposit to buy a piece of land in Binh Phuoc, his hometown, and then hand over to earn a profit of 300 million VND. So by the end of 2018, after collecting the money, Mr. Duong has paid a considerable amount of both principal and interest. At that time, he calculated to the second year, although the interest rate increased to 10-11%, the monthly debt was not too heavy for the couple.

“There are still many people who stop me from borrowing more than half of the value of the house, but seeing someone recklessly buying a house, even with 200 million in hand, my wife and I also boldly borrowed from the bank and risked to bring investment money to pay off. debt as fast as possible. Finally, the couple’s wishes also come true ”, Mr. Duong said.

Anh Duong is a typical case of young families from small provinces to big cities working, then buying a house and settling here.

gia đình 4 thành viên đang ngồi trên sofa trong phòng khách căn hộ

Family of 4 members sitting on sofa in living room apartment
The couple, Mr. Duong, borrowed 800 million VND from the bank to buy an apartment for 1.3 billion VND. Illustration


Borrowing money to buy a house and then rent out to pay debt
Luckier than Mr. Duong, Mr. Minh (Hanoi) received support from his parents to buy a house. Mr. Minh’s method, like many other people, has been applying for a loan from the bank to buy a house, but has not moved in immediately, but leased it again to pay debt repayment. For those who can stay in their parents’ house temporarily or buy a large house to rent an empty room, the chance of buying a house will be many times easier.

Just moved home not long ago, Mr. Minh said, he works as a construction auditor. He often has to go to work in the provinces, sometimes just stay at home for about a week for a month. Three years ago, he borrowed 1.1 billion dong from the bank to buy an apartment in Nam Tu Liem district. Borrowing more than half of the value of the apartment, he calculated the plan to rent this main apartment for 3 years with a rent of 12 million VND / month. He and his wife, along with a son, stay at his parents’ house during that time until the beginning of this year to move to a new home.

“Living with my parents for another 3 years, my wife has both been helped by my grandparents to take my children to school, to help with housework, and to save some money to pay the bank debt. The couple also set up automatic savings in their account, the money is off the top minus immediately. Up to now, although the debt has not been fully paid, the amount of interest to be paid is not much due to the fact that the loan is calculated according to the actual outstanding balance, ”Mr. Minh said.

Accepting much debt to quickly run out of debt
Also successful thanks to the origin of land investment with only 130 million, after a successful deal and using money to buy trucks to trade in bottles, Mr. Phan Loc has so far owned 2 apartments of nearly 2 billion. VND / unit. Mr. Loc expressed that buying a house clearly shows his thinking about profitable money. I realize that it can be divided into 3 psychological groups when buying a house. The first group is afraid of the debt hanging from the head, so they do not dare to borrow right away, but both work to accumulate and learn products, ready to accept at rent. The second group is confident in their income and debt repayment ability, so they borrow from the bank as much as possible to have the motivation to “plow” to pay debts, along with that they will use a part of the capital to invest. The third group is to use all the money for short-term investments first, collect money and then buy a house.

Mr. Loc said: “Everyone has their own way of thinking, but for me, when I buy large-value assets such as a house, a car, I will borrow from the bank as much as I can, risk eating a lot. The risk will go with high profits, on the contrary, if it is safe, the profit will be low or zero. For example, if I buy a house with 1 billion VND, I will borrow 80% of the value of the house, pay 20% in advance because instead of losing 1 billion VND immediately, I will spend only 200 million VND, the remaining 800 million can bring more profits. “.…

Where is One Central Saigon project?


Where is One Central Saigon located? What does this position mean for the project? These are the top concerns of customers when learning about this real estate project. If you are also interested in this issue, do not ignore our sharing in the article below to get your questions answered.

Where is the location of One Central Saigon project?
One Central is one of the real estate projects attracting great attention from customers today. The exact location of the project is located at 4 fronts of Pham Ngu Lao – Calmette – Pho Duc Chinh – Le Thi Hong Gam streets, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The project location is considered extremely favorable, located in the center of the center.

The North of the project is opposite Ben Thanh market.
The South side of the project is opposite the Museum of Fine Arts.
To the west of Ona Central Saigon is the 23-9 park.
Advantages from the location of the One Central project
The project is located right above Ben Thanh station. This is an important connection location of Metro lines 1, 2, 3A and 4 and is deployed on a land bank of up to 45,000 m2. The project location offers advantages such as:

Easy to move to central districts like District 3, 5, 7, 10 only takes a short time.
Only about 5 minutes away from places such as street households, street Bui Vien.
It is only about 14 minutes away from the hospital system such as the University of Medicine and Pharmacy hospital and the Vinmec international hospital.
Only about 20 minutes from the school system from kindergarten to university.
Only places like Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, Con Rua lake, Nha Rong wharf … only about 5-7 minutes to move.
Supermarkets, shopping centers Vincom Center, Diamond Plaza, Takashimaya, SaiGon Center … with a radius of only about 5 km.
Thanks to these advantages, the One Central project is not only an ideal place for residents to live happily. This is also an opportunity to help real estate investors earn a large amount of money when the profitability from this project is very high.


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