I am satisfied that I have sold a new house, borrowed another 1.5 billion to buy an old house

In order for my children to go to a good school, close to home, I sold a big beautiful house designed by myself and borrowed VND 1.5 billion from the bank to buy an older grade 4 house. At first I still regret my old house, but when I moved to a new house, I found myself discerning because life was so much more convenient.
Mr. Chien Thang (Ho Chi Minh City) shared the story of selling his favorite house that he created his own design concept to buy an old house near his child’s school:

In 2014, I built a house with 1 ground floor, 2 floors with area 4.5x16m, 6m wide alley in Binh Tan district. This is my first house, which is my result after a series of days and nights, so I am very excited and self-designed for the house. The house is not too far from the main road but located in the alley so it is very quiet, only 2km from where I work.

Two years after building the house, I got married, gave birth to my first child and still lives in this house. My wife opened a spa store on the first floor. Life was still very good until the end of 2018, the couple started to gradually consider sending their children to preschool. I want to send my child to public school because I think it is not so important to have a preschool. However, according to my exploration, the schools in my ward are quite decent. I still think that I will go to public schools first and then move to private schools, and international schools will make my children more adaptable and more interested. But my wife thinks differently. She wants to send her children to an international kindergarten to create the best environment for her to develop, to shape her personality from the very beginning.

tuyến đường có hàng cây hai bên và nhiều nhà cao tầng

The road is lined with trees on both sides and many tall buildings
Mr. Thang sold his house up to a design concept to buy an old house near his child’s school. Illustration

For a long time, the couple decided to temporarily send their children to the public school first to see the situation. For 4 months, we had to discuss other options because the couple were both busy, unable to pick up their children at 4:30, the child now falls and hurts here, scratching there. My grandmother had a pain in her leg, so we didn’t want to ask to take her to school.

My wife likes an international kindergarten but is in Tan Phu district. Tomorrow when my child is older, I go to middle school and high school around that area. Thinking about it, hiring someone to take the child is not secure, so we plan to go there to rent a house to stay temporarily, rent out the old house to compensate for the cost. Because really, I am very afraid to move, especially in this house I spend a lot of energy to decorate. We looked for a house to rent and we could see a new grade 4 house but larger than the old house (5x18m), with a small garden behind the house. The facade is wider than the old house, the big road, and the populated area so it is likely to be better for my wife’s business. Only I will have to accept 5km to get to work, not too far but just further from my old house. The problem is that if we sell this house to buy this house, we have to compensate another 1.5 billion, not to mention additional repair costs before entering and doing business on the 1st floor. The couple was really confused. At first, when I built the old house, I thought that I would live my whole life, and my children and grandchildren to live in the future, so I invested a lot. Knowing before, I had to build a house after getting married.

To be sure, we polled friends, relatives, and people living near the grade 4 house we watched. Seeing quite good feedback on security, living environment and the potential to increase housing prices … so in the long term, the couple decided to sell their old house, move to a new house to soon stabilize their life. With a bank loan for 15 years, each month including principal and interest, we have to pay about 20 million. Fortunately, the business was good, so we can still make sure.

Friends come to play a new house, everyone says that when a beautiful house is sold, they will sell it, borrow more money to buy a bad old house. But with us, choosing to buy this house, we have considered and consulted very carefully, especially we prioritize favorable criteria for our child’s education. Furthermore, my wife’s business in the new home is much better than in the old home. My child from the international school day is also more obedient, happy, and more excited. Only when we are too busy do we have to ask her for help. Although I’m a little regretful of the effort I have spent on my old house, but I am still very satisfied with my choice to change house. Going to this house, our lives are much more convenient. From my story, I feel that I should not keep the mindset of my whole life in just one house, if there is a better chance, the change is not at all worrying compared to living with the inconveniences of the old house. . There may be even more better opportunities out there.…

5 ways to help wage earners buy a home early

Wage income is stable but difficult to break through while real estate is of great value.If not working in high-income fields or doing business, it takes a lot of time for wage earners. New accumulation can buy houses in big cities. How to shorten this distance?
Skill picked up
If you keep thinking that a small salary can not buy a house, home ownership will be more distant. Therefore, if you really want to have a city house, take advantage of the stability of the monthly income for long-term accumulation. Each month, cut off immediately the amount of money that can be saved, only keeping the estimates to spend. When you reach a certain amount of accumulated capital, you can borrow from banks and relatives to buy a house and plan to repay the debt. During accumulation, find ways to multiply your capital, such as dividing money into small investments, rotating investments or increasing income to increase capital …

The initial capital is the basis for you to get close to your intention to buy a house, even if you cannot buy a house right away, it will also motivate you to increase your accumulation, or at least help you have a backup. , be ready for unexpected investment opportunities.

Even if you are not proficient in investing, saving and earning compound interest are an effective way to increase capital flows. For example, you have 10 million savings, interest 8% / year, after 1 year you will have 800,000 interest, in the second year, in addition to 800,000 interest from 10 million, you have an additional 64,000 interest from 800,000, total add up to 11,664,000 and continue to multiply in the following years. Assuming you only save 5 million dong per month, then after 3 years you will have more than 200 million both principal and interest. If it is possible to invest, the initial small capital can be multiplied many times after 3-5 years.

Albert Eistain commented on compound interest. Taking advantage of compound interest helps homebuyers increase their accumulated capital quickly.

Roundabout strategy
If only relying on salary and income without breakthrough, it takes the average salaryman 15-25 years to buy a property, not to mention slippage and price increase amplitude of real estate after each year. So, instead of waiting for money to accumulate, a detour can even shorten the distance to reaching your dream of buying a home. Searching for affordable homes or plots away from the center, renting or staying in temporary accommodation will help you save rent or increase passive income while the property still has a chance to increase in value later. With the balance, you can borrow from a bank or relative. This is the asset value increase problem that many people have successfully applied. After a few resales, you can buy a house or apartment of greater value and closer to the center.

Land investment
The amplitude of real estate price increases in major cities that have completed infrastructure will often be difficult to surge like in undeveloped regions. Therefore, investment in countryside and other provinces is a great opportunity for wage earners with small capital.

Some rural areas have land prices divided into plots or at auction from 300-500 million / lot, even 150-200 million / lot. If a good location is bought, after a few years when the locality invests in infrastructure, the land price may double or triple. Investing in the countryside in addition to the advantage of cheap price, you can easily find out and survey information by yourself or ask an acquaintance to support legal procedures.

Đất phân lô giá rẻ ở vùng quê

Cheap land plots in the countryside Land in some rural areas has a soft price and good profit opportunities. Illustration

5-10 years ago, many people returned to remote areas of Saigon to buy land for 300-500 million and can now sell them for 1.5-3 billion VND, even 5 billion VND. However, finding such a land is not easy, it requires you to take the trouble to learn, come to the place to survey, compare … to be able to “buy cheap, sell expensive”.

Contribute money to buy land together
Although there are many inconveniences and disputes easily arise, this is really a great plan for those with small savings. If it is possible to form a group of 3-5 close people, trust each other to contribute capital and invest in the same land, the chances of bringing in profits will be much higher than “alone”. Because plots of land have a profitable opportunity, a beautiful location will not be cheap or it takes a lot of time and effort to find. When contributing capital, the group buying together will easily find the product and easier to liquidate, the expected price is also better.

In addition, when working in groups, the knowledge and experience of many people also increase the chances of finding a good product, and reduce the risk when the assets are unfortunately difficult to liquidate. With this option, the prerequisite is to trust each other and be willing to invest in the long-term, not rushing to sell off when the market is difficult, or the expected price is not reached, because short-term real estate investment carries. The luck is more, if you have carefully calculated and bought a good property, you can rest assured to wait for the opportunity.

Take advantage of loans
Making good use of loans is like “borrowing the wind to break bamboo shoots”, giving salaried employees the opportunity to own assets of much greater value than their existing money. Borrowing money from relatives or borrowing money from the bank to buy a house on installments are all smart problems for salaried employees who cannot afford to buy off assets. Many people only have 200-300 million VND in hand but are willing to borrow 300-500 million more to buy a land, during the accumulation and repayment of that land can also increase the value beyond the interest payable. However, when you borrow money from someone you know, you need to keep your credit to be able to handle it easily in the next time. With a bank loan, it is advisable to carefully calculate the solvency and do not borrow more than 50% of the asset value to ensure safety.…

Afraid of buying a house with debt, I was helpless when my friends had settled down

Housing prices will never fall to the point where anyone can buy it. Therefore, instead of lamenting or waiting, find a way to buy a house as soon as possible, because the opportunity to buy a house will be more distant when real estate prices are still increasing.
I was stunned when he invited the new housekeeper to meet his high school friends who were living in Hanoi by the way. The meeting was nearly crowded, only missing 3 people for business. What shocked me was that out of 12 people present, 9 people bought a house in Hanoi, of which 2 people bought more land to save, only me and 2 others were still empty-handed. I find myself wrong when I always click my tongue thinking that the house price in Hanoi is too high, I can never buy it. Afraid of buying a house with debt, my wife and I have as much to spend, just buy hedging insurance and keep a small amount of self-defense. Even the Tet bonuses of 50-100 million, my wife and I do not accumulate, but buy brand names, genuine phones or pour into luxury check-in trips. Now, at the age of 40, I realize that my friends are all stable, many people are just equal, even shorter than me, now have decent houses and cars.

Tuan, the landlord invited the housekeeper today to cheat the most about work. Working in the construction field, although he has good knowledge and expertise, is hard-working, but because he is quiet and has poor communication, he is often pushed to the construction site away from home, many years without being promoted. But now Tuan can also buy an apartment 70m2 for 2 billion. The friend was a bit shy when he admitted he still owes the bank 500 million, but still made me ashamed because now I have all the money in my house and sewn it for only 200 million.

Looking back, I see that my current situation is due to the idea of ​​prioritizing enjoyment, accepting to rent a house so that I do not owe debt. My wife’s income is quite low, my salary is nearly 20 million (currently about 30 million, but the older children are also more expensive) so we always think that when we can buy a house, we can never buy a house. But by the age of 40, when all of you were stable, I realized what was wrong with me. Renting house here and tomorrow. The work has also started through a brilliant period, just a few years later, I may be criticized by the business, ready to fire at any time. Meanwhile, my oldest child is only 10 years old, and my wife and I have to take care of their 2 children finishing college in 10 years. The house does not have, the accumulated money is not worth much, I see the future dim than when I was young.

Người đàn ông đang suy nghĩ về việc mua nhà.

The man is thinking about buying a house, hesitant to buy a house, leaving me a long distance away from my friends. Illustration

Meanwhile, with a salary of just over 10 million, plus his wife’s salary, Tuan’s family’s initial income is less than 20 million, but now after ten years of marriage, two people can also buy a house. Tuan said, knowing that it was difficult to increase his income through work, Tuan and his wife had a plan to accumulate from the beginning. His wife takes care of the children around the neighborhood on weekends, earns 3-5 million more every month, and Tuan, when receiving Tet bonuses or extra bonuses after each project, brings his wife into his accumulated account. . The couple tried to cultivate the target on the salary, if the surplus, they buy things. After the first five years, they had 500 million in savings and about 100 million in interest from small investments such as gold, stocks and savings.

In 2016, when he heard that Tuan’s hometown would upgrade to town, he and his wife discussed using this money to buy land in his hometown. That land lot is 100m2 priced at 700 million, two people borrow 100 million more to buy. After nearly 4 years, as soon as the district officially went to the town, the land lot increased to 1.4 billion, the couple decided to sell and buy an apartment on installment. Waiting for nearly a year, Tuan had a spacious apartment and only borrowed 500 million from the bank. This amount is not too burdensome compared to the couple’s current income. Tuan said that the bank loan will be paid off gradually, and the money accumulated over the past few years will be used to invest.

Other friends of mine, who do well in business or set up a company, buy townhouses, villas, and salaried workers can also buy a dormitory or social house. Everyone has stabilized their houses so they talk about investing, where to put money to make a profit, preparing future plans for their children … I am only shocked because I do not know where to start.

From my story, I advise young people, the salary is not too low, just have confidence in your home buying plan. Because of the fact that I see, although housing prices keep increasing, there are still a lot of people who can buy a house. Having a home will stabilize everything and take care of the children better.…

4 mistakes that more than 70% of home buyers make

Mistakes when buying a house such as determined to find a house that meets 10/10 set criteria, whether it takes many years or the expectation of negotiating more last-minute discounts, many people lose their chance to settle.
1. Looking to buy a house with 10/10 criteria at all costs
Mr. Thanh spent 3 years looking to buy a house, during which time he stayed at home to rent. Although he was quite satisfied with a few houses, but because he was still not really satisfied, he decided to continue to find a perfect house with the most reasonable price for himself. Finally, the landlord he was renting suddenly announced he wanted to sell the house, so he gave him a month to find a new place to live. The new house cannot be bought in time, the rental house is also difficult to find, so he has to accept more transportation costs and rent another more expensive room to ensure family life. At that time, he regretted that the houses that he had previously overlooked were now skyrocketing in price. This is one of the most common home buying mistakes that many people make.

Real estate is an asset of great value, so the psychology of buyers is always choosing very carefully. However, when the market has many fluctuations, prices are constantly increasing, buyers should not hesitate to choose a house that is quite satisfied, located in a favorable area, without too much repair and price. acceptable.

2. Losing the opportunity to buy a house because of the mentality of “slow but sure”
Losing an opportunity while doing legal research is something many home buyers have come across. Is the mentality “slow but sure” right now?

nhiều tòa nhà cao tầng nằm ở mặt đường lớn có xe cộ đang di chuyển

Many tall buildings are located on a large road surface with traffic in motion
Many people have missed the opportunity to buy a house while studying legal. Illustration

Real estate buyers can not skip the legal checks such as checking information on certificates, checking online information, asking officials at the district urban management office, asking for a reply in writing. on planning certificate … To fully implement the above legal checks to ensure 100% peace of mind will take a lot of time. The solution to avoid mistakes when buying this house, not missing the opportunity but still ensuring a safe transaction, without having to encounter problems later, is that the buyer can conduct a quick inspection on the certificate and check. online. The next step is to make a deposit to the seller, with binding terms related to checking planning information, or to ask the seller to cooperate in applying for a planning certificate. If the result is not the same as the agreement, the seller has to return the deposit, and if no problem arises, the transaction will continue.

3. Do not view up to 10 houses
Thinking that up to 10 homes will take time and are not absolutely necessary is also a common mistake of many home buyers. One of the rules when buying a home is the rule of connection. Homebuyers should go see a minimum of 10 homes to choose from and make a decision. The more effort it takes to learn and review, the more data buyers have to compare and evaluate which house is suitable and whether the price is too different from the market. At that time, your chances of buying a good house will be even more.

The frequency of home visits by buyers to stay should also be higher than for home buyers because housing is a stable and long-term place to live.

4. Expect to negotiate last minute discounts
After carefully checking the legal of the house and agreeing on the price, the two sides went to the step of signing a sale contract. At this step, many buyers expect to be able to continue negotiating for a further discount because they think that the seller will “go into the water” to cut a further amount because they do not want to waste time and effort on selling again. However, this possibility is not easy to happen. In fact, this is a mistake when it comes to buying a home, making the transaction impossible because disagreement occurs at “89th minute”.

When buying a house, after surveying and carefully looking at the construction quality, legality, feng shui … if you find that the repair work costs a lot and has many unsatisfied points, the buyer can negotiate a discount immediately. transaction with the seller to make the transaction more convenient and quicker in the following steps.…

4 ways to identify an ineligible land project

The real estate market is in a quiet period due to epidemics, many investors are ready to cash in waiting for the opportunity to hunt for cheap land. However, customers can lose nothing if they are in a hurry and are eager for profits but “pour money” into “ghost” projects. To minimize this risk, buyers need to identify the following 4 signs of an ineligible project:
1. Inadequate project legal documents

A land plot project with a complete legal document cannot lack one of the following important documents:

– Certificate of business registration of the investor: Review the business license of the investor, note information about the business field, construction function and investment of real estate projects of the enterprise. there.

– A document showing the project’s ground land area assigned by a competent state agency.

– Detailed planning 1/500 (for projects larger than 5ha) or detailed planning of the ground 1/500 (for projects with size less than 5ha). These plans must be approved by the competent authority. The 1/500 detailed planning must show construction criteria such as population, land use, technical infrastructure, social infrastructure, spatial organization, architecture, infrastructure works, architecture. detailed design / structure of each land lot, environmental assessment. Through the 1/500 detailed planning, the investor can visualize the overall project plan, locate the works, the basic design as well as the relationship between the planned works. with external elements of the plan such as: entrance gates, paths, fences …

– A competent agency’s letter of approval for the investment policy (if the project has a total investment in infrastructure of more than 15 billion). Accordingly, the Department of Construction will evaluate the following factors: investor capacity, land fund origin, land planning, consultation with relevant departments (technical infrastructure such as traffic, electricity, water supply and drainage …), then submit to the Provincial People’s Committee for approval of the investment policy.

– Construction permits granted by competent State agencies to investors for new construction, repair, renovation and relocation of works. The main content of the permit is the information such as: Name and address of the investor, name of the project under the project, project location, red line boundary, construction boundary …

2. The investor has not completed the construction of the infrastructure

một khu đất trống phân thành nhiều lô

a vacant lot divided into lots
Checking if the investor has completed the construction of project infrastructure is also a way for the buyer to legal assessment of that land. Artwork: Internet
According to Clause 2, Article 41 of Decree 43/2014 / ND-CP, one of the conditions for the project investor to transfer the land use right in the form of subdivision, sale of land is to complete the construction investment. infrastructure construction.

Specifically, “infrastructure including service works, technical infrastructure works, social infrastructure works according to the approved detailed construction planning 1/500; ensure the connection with the common infrastructure system of the area before transferring land use rights to the people to build houses by themselves; ensuring the provision of essential services including electricity supply, water supply, water drainage, waste collection ”.

Therefore, the buyer needs to check the project owner’s investment in the construction of infrastructure before signing the contract, to avoid the risk of encountering the investor bypassing the law, land for sale first, infrastructure built later.

3. The investor has not yet fulfilled financial obligations related to the project

Buyers need to find out by themselves or request the investor to provide documents proving the fulfillment of financial obligations related to the land plot project such as: land use fees, land rent, taxes related fees. land (if any)… If the investor has not fully paid these amounts, the project is ineligible for transfer. More importantly, the tax fee debt also shows the investor’s lack of financial capacity, inexperience and business reputation, so buyers should avoid putting their trust and “pouring money” into that project. .

4. The land is in dispute

According to the current regulations in the 2013 Land Law, when wishing to transfer land use rights, users need to prove that the land is not in dispute. Therefore, this is also an important criterion that buyers should consider when investing in the land, specifically to check whether the land of the project is having any problems with planning, disputes or not. Investors can check whether the land lot is in dispute by verifying the information at a competent authority, using online planning information lookup software or soliciting information from a broker. , local people.…

How are the advantages that make it easier for buyers to hunt for bargain prices during the season?

Many home buyers nowadays, thanks to the advantage of having available cash, have successfully negotiated with the landlord to reduce the selling price to several hundred million dong.
Mr. Tung has a financial of about 3.5 billion VND, including money from both sides of his paternal family. He is looking to buy an apartment in the Southeast direction with 3 bedrooms and a space for children to play. The couple admired and zoned a few apartments in Cau Giay or Thanh Xuan (Hanoi) such as Green Park Tower, N07 Dich Vong, Ha Do Park view, Bohemia Residence.

After going to see a few apartments, Tung and his wife are quite satisfied with an area of ​​135m2. This is a 3-bedroom apartment of the Bohemia Residence project, which is offered for sale by the owner for 4 billion VND. Fortunately, the homeowner needs cash urgently, so after negotiation, he agreed to reduce the price to 3.75 billion dong. As a result, Tung did not have to borrow too much. “The seller needs money urgently, I also really like this house, so from the time of coming to see the house, negotiating the price and moving in only takes about 3 months,” Tung said.

bên trong một căn hộ chung cư có người đang ngồi

Sitting inside an apartment, many people buy a house thanks to the availability of cash, so it is easier to negotiate discounts. Illustration

Also waiting for the seller to accept the discount to push the goods is Mr. Duy’s case. He and his wife are referencing some Anland Lake View projects, 43 Pham Van Dong, HD Moon City or hunting to buy old apartments in My Dinh area. Including own capital and support from both paternal and maternal sides, Mr. Duy and his wife have about 1.6 billion VND. Wanting to spend some money to do his own business, Mr. Duy just wants to buy an apartment for less than 2 billion. You can borrow more friends for about 400 million. “Seeing that there is an old apartment of 70 square meters on Tran Binh street for 2.1 billion, but I am not satisfied. I hope to have a predestined relationship to find the rightful owner to sell urgently to negotiate prices. A friend of mine in the past year also had to sell an apartment on the opposite side of BigC Thang Long and a 3-storey house in Trieu Khuc to get capital to maintain the operation of the travel agency and develop more tissue. new business image ”, Mr. Duy shared.

According to observations, on many real estate trading forums, asking to buy and refer to projects is still quite active. Many buyers still expect to find the right house that needs to be sold urgently or the owner gives priority to “real grain money” to easily negotiate the price. Even those who have a house still take advantage of this time to buy “savings”. “I join many real estate groups, communities on social networks to grasp the situation, wait for a ‘good’ house to close immediately”, Mr. Duc – member of a group of real estate trading in Ha Cabinet share.

Mr. Doan Quoc Duyet, Director of Tin Thanh Company also confirmed, currently, cash psychology is king still dominates the real estate market. If the buyer has “fresh” money available, it will be easier to negotiate the price with the seller. Cash transactions also tend to drive property purchases at a lower cost than the market price level. According to Mr. Duyet, the current period in the past 2-3 years is the easiest to buy and negotiate the real estate price if the buyer has “real money”. When the buyer uses financial leverage, the transaction will be slowed down due to bank loan procedures, price appraisal. According to this expert, in the first 2 quarters of 2021, the trend of cash is king will dominate the market strongly, but most of this cash flow is not defensive, but turns to properties that are offering at bargain prices. At the time of the third quarter of 2020, real estate expert Tran Khanh Quang also said that this is a very good time for buyers to find real estate they love. When you like, you will understand about it, have a vision of the product for 2-3 years and will know whether you buy it expensive or cheap.…

Real Estate Legal: 4 fastest and most effective ways to check performance

Real estate legislation is one of the most important factors determining whether customers can buy a home with confidence in a real estate project. In case of inexperienced and not knowledgeable about the law, buyers can refer to the following 4 quick and effective methods of real estate legal check:
1. Real estate legal check through passport of real estate project

Two types of passports that customers need to check before cashing in to projects are: A written notification of eligibility for sale (issued by the Department of Construction) and a bank guarantee certificate.

A written notice of eligibility for sale is meant to confirm the completion of the foundation as well as relevant legal issues. This is the legal time (specified in the law) that the project investor is allowed to raise capital from customers.

The guarantee certificate is one of the important conditions specified in the State Bank’s circular in order to protect the interests of customers who buy apartments and properties to be formed in the future. Accordingly, investors of a real estate project, before selling or leasing future houses, must be guaranteed by a qualified commercial bank. The Bank will be responsible for refunding the advance and other amounts to customers under the signed sale and purchase contract and guarantee contract if there are 2 conditions:

– The investor does not hand over the house according to the committed schedule

– The lessee or buyer requests the bank to fulfill its guarantee obligations

In case investors fail to comply with their commitments, customers have the right to request the Bank to fulfill their guarantee obligations.

một cái bút, một tờ giấy và biểu tượng chiếc búa của ngành luật đặt trên bàn

a pen, a piece of paper and a law hammer symbol on the table
Customers need to check the passport of the real estate project before
decide to buy or invest. Illustration

2. Borrowing a bank’s hand to check real estate legal
In order to avoid projects with potentially risky risks, to avoid worries about bad debts, banks will review real estate legal as soon as they receive loan proposals from customers. Therefore, according to many real estate experts, one of the easiest ways to legal check real estate is that buyers should actively borrow money from the bank to buy a house. The bank’s legal operations are very strict, so it will protect the interests of buyers.

In case of refusal to borrow money, the basic reason is that the project’s legal status is not good. Thus, the bank not only plays the role of a credit provider, but also serves as an effective supporter to partly ensure the legal status for investors and buyers to protect their own interests.

2 người đang trao đổi với nhau, trên tay họ cầm nhiều giấy tờ

2 people are talking to each other, holding papers in their hands
Buyers can go through the bank to check the project’s legal status. Illustration

3. Actual survey and paper comparison
Customers can detect unusual real estate legal issues by comparing the actual image of the project with the information on the records provided by the investor.

For an apartment building project, customers should pay attention to check that the project is eligible for the investor to sign a capital mobilization contract, investment cooperation contract or is eligible to sign. house purchase and sale to form in the future or not. As for individual housing projects, before buying, customers need to carefully review the following documents:

Certificate of land use rights (red book) or Certificate of land use rights, ownership of houses and assets attached to land (pink book)
Notice and receipt of tax payment, drawing of the current state of the house
Identity card, household registration book of the seller to see if they are the owner or not, avoid transactions with unauthorized subjects.

hai người đàn ông trẻ đứng xem bản đồ giữa một khu đất rộng lớn
two young men look at a map in the middle of a large estate
Buyers need project practice to survey and verify information. Illustration

4. Find out project information through the authorities
In order to limit the illegal capital mobilization, the sale of “young rice”, the sale of ghost projects and fraud in the booming real estate sector, some localities have allowed people to legal check the house. land right on the online application. In Ho Chi Minh City, the City Department of Construction has recently launched an application that allows customers to look up basic legal information on real estate projects such as: Project progress, actual image, name of investor , address of investor, investment scale, project area information …

In addition, this application also allows to look up planning, reflect comments, solicit reviews, look up documents, administrative procedures, look up practice certificates, construction permits, manuals. … This will assist customers a lot in understanding real estate law before deciding to “down money”.…

Life “blooms” when leaving cramped townhouses to move to the fringes

Determined to have a house in the center of Hanoi, but in the end we moved to the fringes to live. Translating Covid-19 further helps us realize that it doesn’t matter where there is a house, the most important thing is how we live in it.
That is Hoang Nhat Vuong’s confession when telling Batdongsan.com.vn the story of leaving a townhouse about his family’s outskirts:

My hometown is in a poor suburban district of Hanoi. My father is a teacher, my mother betrays pork at the market, this is also the main livelihood of the family because his father’s salary is three or three dong. My grandparents, accumulated their whole life, just hope I have a job and stable accommodation in Hanoi.

About 6 years before I got married, my parents both gave me 1 billion VND in the hope that we could buy a small house near the center. The amount of money given by parents is large, but it is not enough to buy a house because we have just started to work and have not accumulated. However, we still decided to borrow 300 million from relatives, set up a red book to borrow 500 million from the bank to buy a house of 1,850 billion. This house has 3 floors, built on 30m2 land near Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay. We use the wedding money to buy furniture, paint and repair the house. The house is located in a small, deep alley but we are still extremely happy to be the owner of our own home, no need to worry about staying here and there. My parents were also delighted when their children had a house on the street.

With the idea of ​​having a house, we just work hard and pay off our debts, but life is not like a dream. In the following years, we lived in a shortage before and after, a hard life and heavy pressure of debt. My wife works as a nurse in a public hospital, comes home late, is on duty late at night, and the salary is low. I work as a construction engineer constantly, so life becomes more chaotic when I have children.

Road congestion is the biggest horror for me living near the center of Hanoi. Illustration

We have to ask our mother to take care of the grandchild, but the house is small, cramped, and very inconvenient. In front of the house is a small alley, going round and round until Xuan Thuy street, but always clogged, the high road is awkwardly built, the restaurant is noisy from morning to night … making life more and more stuffy. My mother has joint pain so going up and down stairs every day is also a pain for her. I cramped my guts as I watched my mother wilt but still tried to stay and take care of her. When my wife gave birth to the second child, my mother could not help me because my father was often sick. His wife had to quit her job at home to take care of her children, sometimes selling small items online to make money for milk diapers. My family’s expenses and large debt are all based on my salary.

After 5 years living in a cramped street house, I find life is not any brighter. The bank debt is still 100 million, the debt of relatives is still there, we are like people living in a small house. In 2019, I thought about going back to my hometown to start over, thinking that I would have to persuade my wife, but I did not expect her to agree because she was too tired of the current life.

We discussed the work in the country and sold the house. After 2 months someone agreed to buy the house for 2.7 billion dong. During that time, I was able to finish the work arrangements. I also asked my parents to find a spacious land, near my grandparents’ house, to build a house and garden. My hometown is about 50km from Hanoi, so the land price is no longer cheap. The land I bought is 500m2 wide, including 100m2 of residential land, priced at 1.3 billion VND. Paying off the debt, minus the money to buy the land with the balance of nearly 1 billion, I built a grade 4 house with the cost of VND 500 million, the rest was to renovate the garden, dig a pond … parents house.

Fresh fruits and vegetables in the garden are always ready for meals

Peaceful scene in front of my house

Back home, I worked as a contractor by myself, hired a team of workers to build houses for people in the district. In urgent work I will stay to look after and urge the brothers and sisters. When I have free time, I will stay at home to help my wife and mother in the garden. We grow vegetables and sell them to a number of clean vegetable stores outside of Hanoi. The children go to public schools in the commune, so they can ask their grandparents to pick them up, don’t have to worry about traffic jams, traffic jams … Out of debt, almost self-sufficient life, even though starting a business, the income is not much but we felt very comfortable, not stuffy like living in the street.

This year, Covid translation made many people unemployed, many families had to return to their hometowns to live in … we feel very lucky that we have moved back to their hometown. I think if the income is not high, the job is uncertain … do not try to stay in the city, buy a house in the outskirts or come back to settle in a much more comfortable business.…

Grand Marina Saigon Masterise Homes

Grand Marina Saigon Information

  • Project name: Grand Marina Saigon
  • Location: No. 2, Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC
  • Developer: Masterise Homes
  • Total land area: 10hecta
  • Scale:
    • 8 blocks for residential: 36 – 47 floors height, in which:
      • 5 JW Marriott blocks: Spring, Bay, Lagoon, Cove and Sea
      • 3 Marriotts blocks: Lake, Strait, Sea
    • 1 commercial block 60 floors
  • Number of units: nearly 4,200
  • Property types: luxury apartment, shophouse, officetel, office, commercial properties
  • Year built: Q2/2021
  • Year complete: Q2/2024
  • Ownership: long-term for Vietnamese and 50 year SPA or LTL for Foreigners

Why Grand Marina Saigon

  • The first ever JW Marriott & Marriott Branded residences in Vietnam
  • A global landmark, a nation’s icon and a peerless position in Vietnam
  • The Legacy Collection promises a lifestyle of absolute refinement and brilliance


About Developer Masterise Homes

Masterise Group is one of the leading developers focusing on:

  • Luxury projects
  • Grade A high-class projects
  • Modern projects

As “customer-centric” is the key business philosophy, Masterise Group ensures to bring residential solution and increase price sustainably, provides the whole end-to-end lifestyle value chain surrounded by international-standard real estate ecosystem.

Some famous projects:

  • Masteri An Phu in Thao Dien Ward, District 2
  • Masteri Thao Dien in District 2
  • Millenium in District 4
  • M-One South Sai Gon in District 7
  • M-One Gia Dinh in center of Govap District

On-going projects:

  • Masteri Centre Point in Zone 2 (District 9), Thu Duc New City, HCMC
  • Masteri Lumiere Riverside in Zone 1 (District 2), Thu Duc New City, HCMC
  • Grand Marina Saigon – “Branded Resident Project” District 1, HCMC
  • Masteri WaterFront in Hanoi Capital


Website: https://marinagrandsaigon.com/

Getting rich through buying land, the situation was also miserable because of the land

Rich in the land, the family lost money because of the land; The rich gather the land, the poor also try to save, borrow more to own a house, land for themselves … Question “How many years have I worked to buy a house?” Inadvertently seemingly became pressure, many cases have also appeared from here.
Rich quickly thanks to the land
The fact that you suddenly change your life and get rich overnight in land fevers is a reality that is seen, typically in the land fever in 2019. For example, Mr. Le Duan (45 years old, Thanh Tri, Ha Noi) is commented by many as having a “red number” when successfully surfing dozens of lots of land, earning tens of billions of dong. When the market somewhere had good news about infrastructure, planning …, Mr. Duan did not hesitate but immediately looked for a nice land to buy. The assets that he currently has include 3 houses for rent in Hanoi, 4 plots of land scattered in the districts and districts are all bought with profits from surfing.

Mr. Duan said that before 2019, the average time of land fever is 1-3 months, possibly up to 1 year, but after 2019, the fever is only counted by day.

Also getting rich thanks to the land but not through surfing, Mr. Thang (Ho Chi Minh City) recalls, at the end of 2014, when many people still wanted to buy Saigon land, he spent 1 billion dong to buy 4,000 square meters of agricultural land. in Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province. By early 2020, when many infrastructure projects in Dong Nai have been and are planned to be deployed such as Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway, Long Thanh Airport, Bien Hoa – Vung Tau Expressway, Cat Lai Bridge .. ., land prices here increased rapidly. The price of a field land of 1,000 square meters is also between 800 million and 1 billion dong. After 6 years, Mr. Thang has nearly 4 times more profit.

nhiều tòa nhà cao tầng trong thành phố

Many tall buildings in the city
Thanks to real estate investment, many people get rich overnight, but there are also many people who have lost their fortune. Illustration

Giving advice to real estate investors, Mr. Tran Khanh Quang, General Director of Viet An Hoa Company, said that real estate follows a rule, 10 years increased 3 times. Therefore, investors investing in real estate need to define as a long-term and methodical investment, not according to the movement. Particularly in 2020 and 2021, surfing opportunities are said to be no longer available, even for short-term investment, if investors want to participate, they need to consider.

Money lost, disabled also because of the land
In addition to the people who soon became giants through real estate trading like Mr. Duan, Mr. Thang also had many people who lost their homes and lost their land due to land. Only a few ghost projects were exposed by the authorities, the number of victims who lost money reached thousands.

As a victim of Alibaba, Mr. Le Van V. recounted that after they got married, they were bought by their parents for a small house. In mid-2018, when his friend was introduced to the Alibaba project, Mr. V. researched on the internet, then attended the lectures of this company. At home, Mr. V. discussed with his wife to bring home the red book to mortgage to take the money to invest. After 3 months, the Alibaba side committed to Mr. V. that he would pay the profit commitment once, so Mr. V. invested in another land. After that, before receiving the second profit, the company was exposed to fraud. Mr. V. has contributed 1.2 billion VND to this company. As a worker, the life was not too abundant, but had to carry more bank debts, causing the couple to fall into misery, having to ask relatives and relatives for help.

Similarly, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Phuong also lost nearly 1.3 billion VND when buying a land lot larger than 50m2 of a ghost project in Tan Tao ward of Angel Lina Company. After paying the money and discovering that the land she bought was a regulated lake and not issued a book, Ms. Phuong went to the company’s headquarters to get money back when a group of tattooed people threatened.

Besides people who have a lot of money to gather and buy and invest in real estate, it is not a strange thing for people who do not have much money to try to borrow money to buy real estate. One of the reasons is also because the Vietnamese have the concept that there must be an inch of soil, only people give birth, but the land does not generate itself. The rich increase the amount of real estate they own for the purpose of making a profit, so that money can make money. Meanwhile, lower income people are trying to buy houses and real estate to settle down or hope to change their lives. This concept, the question “How many years have you been able to buy a house?” Inadvertently seemingly became pressure, many cases have also appeared from here.

Not only for residential buyers, with investors, especially new investors entering the market with the thought that buying land will never lose money, real estate expert Dinh The Hien once advised that investors lack of expertise, lack of money, so I accept that I am a fool, and listen to lots of information from many sides. Some “tips” that buyers need to equip to avoid “lost money” such as: careful legal research of the project, checking a bank mortgage, choosing a reputable investor, surveying the actual project Do not take too much advertising, carefully check the transaction contract, negotiate unfavorable terms ……